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Flattering and unique tango clothes

The dance of Argentine Tango represents a magical world which encompasses an entire culture of dance, art, music, poetry and also fashion! Tango is more than just dancing. It is rather an attitude and a different style and way of life. Enthusiasts of tango around the world share a common passion not only for the dance itself, but also for all the elements that accompany it. Fashion and clothing is a very important element of Tango.

Reina, has been established to meet the need of tango lovers for elegant, stylish and dedicated clothing with a specific character and design which aims at enhancing the dancers' movements while at the same time showcasing the entire body, and helping empower the special atmosphere and distinctively strong feelings created by tango dance and music.

Reina offers one of a kind, hand crafted clothes designed and produced by Gina Nikolitsa, using high quality fabrics, at very competitive prices for your beloved tango nights and shows!



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